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About Canada is your one stop destination for a variety of inspiring art collections in Canada. We have an eminent collection of Canadian created art products and gift materials that will definitely gratify your creative cravings. We believe that having the gift or artifact you love is highly rewarding. About Canada helps you to bring home your desired artworks or if you want to give a gift to your dear ones, our gift store has an assortment of art products for all occasions. Our focus is to provide the best gifts shops in Banff Alberta well as from around the world which influenced us to make your shopping experience exciting and fulfilling by providing you with authentic and unique products. We promise your gift shopping experience at our store will be more fulfilling than any other gift stores you have visited before visiting About Canada.

Quality Artwork

About Canada is home for the best selection of superior artwork in Canada with authentic art products, lowest price, personalized collections and fast shipping.

Authentic, hand-crafted art

Buy authentic handcrafted art made in Canada. The unique collection is inspired by a wide range of cultures around Canada and other parts of the World.

Art Experts

Rooted in the traditions of Canada, we work closely with the most recognized art connoisseurs who are create the best in artwork which is both conventional and modern styles.

First Nations Art

About Canada recognizes the vital contributions made by First Nations artists to the Canada’s artistic and cultural heritage. First Nations artifacts that’s available in About Canada includes the traditional work pieces, ceremonial/religious handiworks, creations produced for the tourists and that ranges from the contemporary to fine arts.

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